• We were tired of beehives and moles underneath our deck.  We wanted something else that would last, look nice, didn’t require maintenance and of course didn’t have the problem of bees or moles.  Concrete Trimmings solved our problem.  Concrete Trimming’s employees not only come and give you a free estimate; they will give you suggestions and help you design your patio until you are satisfied.  In our case, the work was done in one day and we were very happy to see how organized they were and how clean they left everything when they finished.  Thanks Concrete Trimmings Ltd for an excellent job!!!

  • I would like to extend my congratulations to Concrete Trimmings Ltd. on a job very well done.  I believe that the knowledge and skill of Fernando and his crew is very evident in the work performed at our home.  Our job entailed the removal of an existing cement patio, and then dies construction of new stairs and a sidewalk.  All aspects of this job were performed professionally, efficiently, neatly and the follow-up has been there.  Thank you Fernando and Flo for making a homeowner proud of her home!!

  • Many people have stopped by to inquire who the company was that made the French curbs at our house.  Your concrete work speaks volumes about the quality of work you and your crew produce.  It is the best concrete work that I have seen.  We have had no crack or problems for last 5 five years.  We are so pleased that we are calling you in to do a 4th infrastructure program around another house.  Fernando, working with you is a pleasure.  You are honest.  Your company completes the work thoroughly and completely in a very timely manner with very little disruption to the rest of the landscape, and the price is right!  What more can a homeowner want!